...in the heart

of your Inspired Home

The moment you step into an Inspired Home, you’ll know you’ve discovered something special!
Our homes are “refreshingly different” and have a feeling of flow and energy about them which you just know is right.
There are no boring “square” homes at Inspired…just dynamic spaces that make you feel alive!
Watch this two-minute video where our Founder and Creator of the Piasta describes the space.
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Fun fact

The word “Piasta” means “hub” in the Polish language and we’ve adopted the word to describe the special space at the heart of each Inspired Homes.
Living and dining areas radiate out from your angled kitchen, giving you the ultimate interactivity with friends and family
“Resembling a warm welcoming hug”
– A client describing the Piasta style living

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Feel connected in the Piasta space

… A truly interactive environment where you can share face-to-face experiences and togetherness
There are 3 ways you can discover your ultimate Inspired Home:
The interconnectivity and flow created by the “Piasta’ design enable the kitchen to truly be the heart of the home, with panoramic views of your living, dining and alfresco spaces all linking back to the kitchen creating an interactive living space for the whole family.
Inspired Homes developed this bespoke “Piasta” concept of living to encapsulate a sense of connectedness and friendliness within the space. We have considered every aspect of the design and layout of your home from the furniture positioning to flow and sight lines through to the Alfresco and beyond. The Piasta is meticulously crafted to feel like the embodiment of a big warm hug.