Buying an Inspired Home

  • Do you build in my area?

Inspired Homes are available throughout the growth areas of Melbourne and Geelong, as well as knockdown rebuild in selected areas . Take a look at our build zone map here.

  • Do you build in regional areas?

Our homes are currently available in a number of regional areas of Victoria, and our network is expanding with a group of builders offering our designs under licence in different territories. Enquire with us to find out whether our homes are available in your area.

  • What are your standard inclusions?

We offer two levels of inclusions in order to give you more flexibility – take a look under the “Inclusions” tab. We use only trusted brands to give you peace of mind when it comes to the quality of your home.

  • Do you cater for Feng Shui / Vastu requirements (& other beliefs)?

Yes we do. You will get to work one-on-one with our designer to create your perfect home layout encompassing
your specific requirements and preferences. Refer to our individual information pages under “Build With Us” for further details.

  • How do I find the best design for me?

Speak with one of our friendly consultants who will listen to you and assist you in determining the best home layout to suit your needs, as well as the requirements of your land.

  • What homes do you have on display?

We currently have 2 homes on display at Berwick Waters estate in Clyde North.

The single storey home is called the Montage and is 33 squares with 4 bedrooms plus study, 2 ½ bathrooms and 3 living zones.

Our double storey display is called the Panama which is 46 squares with 4 bedrooms, 2 studies, 2 bathrooms, 2 powder rooms and 4 living zones (including a home theatre).

  • Can I make changes once my quote is signed?

You will sign off a quote at the time of starting the purchase of your new home with us. After that we get started on the design of your home, and if you wish to make changes during this phase, you are more than welcome to, as we always update your quote once your design is complete.

  • What happens after my design is complete and quote is updated?

The next step is to move towards completion of your contract documentation. Your Inspired consultant will provide you with details relevant to your location, as our process varies a little between build zones.?

  • Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes, once you are happy with the quotation and wish to proceed with us, we require an initial deposit to cover the costs of things like design work, soil testing, site assessment, developer guideline assessment, feature survey and property services information. The amount varies depending on location, property type and build type – please check the relevant amount with your Inspired consultant.

  • Is my deposit refundable?

No, deposit amounts are non-refundable if you do not proceed with your home purchase for any reason.

  • Do you include floor coverings?

Yes, all floor coverings are included as per our standard inclusions. If you wish to upgrade or change flooring types, you are welcome to do so.

  • Do you include landscaping?

No, we don’t supply landscaping services; however, we may be able to recommend a landscape gardener in your local area that will suit your requirements.

  • Do you include window coverings?

No, we don’t include window coverings as part of our standard inclusions, however we can provide them upon request.

House & Land

  • Do you offer house and land packages?

Yes! We work with most estates throughout Greater Melbourne and Geelong to provide you with great value packages. Please have a look at our House & Land page under the “Locations” tab for a list of the land estates we collaborate with.

  • Can you help me source land?

Yes, we definitely can. Start by speaking to one of our friendly consultants who will help you find the ideal block of land to suit your ideal home.

  • What does a conveyancer do and do I need one ?

You will need to engage a conveyancer for the purchase of your land.

A conveyancer is a licensed professional who specialises in providing advice and information about the sale of a property. They will help with the preparation and lodgement of legal documents, research the property and its certificate of title as well as assisting with the settlement of the property, such as advising when the property is settled & managing the transfer of the property title into your name.


  • Do you allow customisation?

Yes! Customisation is one of Inspired Homes best key features. We offer flexibility with our designs as well as offering full customisation. Speak to one of our friendly consultants to find out what we can do for you.

  • Can I extend my garage?

Yes, so long as there is room on your land and there are no restrictions in your land contract or developer guidelines, then yes you can absolutely extend the garage.

  • Do you cater for multi-generational living?

Yes, you will meet with our experienced designer, you will get to know you and create a design that suits your unique family living arrangement so that everyone has the right balance of privacy as well as interactivity.


  • Can you help me with finance?

Yes, we can connect you with a highly experienced and qualified loan consultant who we work very closely who will be able to answer all of your questions regarding finance and help you to decide on the best finance package to suit your individual circumstances.

  • How do I find out what my budget is?

If you are unsure of your build budget, or total budget for house and land, our recommended loan consultant will help you to establish a budget that you are comfortable with, so that you can move forward with confidence.

  • How do I best work to my budget?

Your Inspired consultant will work together with you to formulate your ideal package taking everything into account. With so many variables in house sizes, options and inclusions, you will find our solutions-focus to be invaluable.

  • How does the FHOG work?

The First Home Owner Grant is a national scheme funded by the government to help offset the effect of GST on home ownership. The application is submitted through the State Revenue Office – to find out more, go to

Knock Down Rebuild (KDR)

  • Why should I consider doing a KDR?

Here are few great reasons why you should consider a knock down re-build:

  • You know and love the location where you currently live – you simply need a new home as your old one no longer suits your needs.
  • Your kids can remain at the same schools.
  • It’s economically viable compared with the high costs these days of extending and renovating.
  • There is no stamp duty payable if you remain at the same location, therefore you save a significant amount of money compared to buying another property. 
  • There is no need to deal with real estate agents and go through the stressful process of selling your home and purchasing another.
  • Why choose Inspired Homes for my KDR?
  • At Inspired Homes, we take a very consultative approach – first getting to know you and your property, then once we have a good understanding we will then make recommendations of suitable designs and formulate your ideal package.
  • We offer great flexibility to work with one of our existing designs or have a one-off custom design created to suit your exact needs.
  • We are always mindful of your budget and aim to create a solution that you’re comfortable with.
  • You get a brand new home which is modern, energy efficient and covered by a new home structural warranty for your peace of mind.
  • Can you demolish my existing house?

No, we do not undertake demolition works, however we may be able to point you in the direction of a great demolition company in your area.

This process is relatively simple these days and the company you choose should be able to assist you with everything required and provide guidance for any items that you need to attend to.

  • Do you connect to overhead power?

No – electricity suppliers require all new homes to be connected underground. We require you to arrange an underground pit through the supplier and we can provide some assistance by providing the information required on forms, and also suggest the best side of the property to have it installed.

  • What is a re-establishment survey, and will I need one?

A re-establishment survey is a special type of land survey that is completed by a licensed land surveyor who marks out exact property boundaries according to your land title. This allows us to position your new home correctly on your land according to plans. Most knockdown rebuild properties require one of these, and we can assist you with this if you wish.

  • Will traffic management be required?

Knockdown rebuild projects are generally located in established areas with busy streets. As it is important to ensure safety in the community, the council it may be necessary to manage traffic at various stages of construction, which may involve the control of traffic flow and sometimes even redirection.

Site Preparation

  • What is a soil test?

A soil test is when the soil type of your land is analysed in order to determine the conditions on which your home will be built. The main things that come of this are how the soil reacts to moisture, which will show how much it moves, contracts & expands, and the bearing capacity gives the weight the soil can support, and determines if any additional support is required within the base, eg. screw piles or piers.

  • What is a site feature survey?

A site feature survey is a property survey that shows the levels and contours of the land, site features such as trees, fences, existing structures and neighbouring properties.

  • What is a re-establishment survey?

A re-establishment survey is completed by a licensed land surveyor and determines the true boundaries of your land to ensure we build in the correct position.

  • Will a re-establishment survey be required?

As the land owner it is your responsibility to provide survey pegs at the corners of your property to enable the builder to set your home out in the correct location. If pegs are not present on site, then a re-establishment survey will be required at your expense.

  • What do survey pegs look like and how can I find them?

Survey pegs are 50mm square, are painted white and are installed so that the top of the peg is at natural ground level. Pegs at the front of your property will also have your lot number stamped into them. When a subdivision is completed, the land surveyor will install a stake beside the survey peg so that the approximate location can be easily determined from a distance. The stake will generally have a white painted top and a pink ribbon tied around it. You will need to look at ground level adjacent to the stake (generally within 150mm) in order to find the peg. Sometimes the peg may be covered up by soil, so you may need to scratch around a bit to find it.

  • What is asset protection?

An asset protection bond will generally be payable to the local council in relation to council assets such as footpaths. If damage occurs during construction, the council will retain the bond until it is rectified, or may arrange the rectification and deduct the cost of works from the bond.

Before commencing works on site our builders will complete a report of the condition of assets and if there is any existing damage prior to the site start it will be recorded.

It is your responsibility to pay the asset protection fee and bond directly to the council prior to commencement of works on site, and if our builder causes any damage, they will compensate you at the rate of $100 per square metre for damage to footpaths only by way of credit against for your final progress payment.

  • Can I remove existing trees from my land?

You need to check if you have any restrictions in place before removing any trees.

  • Why do I need temporary fencing?

Temporary fencing is required to meet OH&S requirements.

  • What are retaining walls and will I need them?

Retaining walls are structures that are designed and built to prevent the collapse of near vertical site cuts and to constrain soils of fill pads within property boundaries.

There are different types of retaining walls including those constructed of timber or concrete sleepers with timber of steel uprights, and also masonary or block type retaining wall systems are also available.

When designing on your property, we at Inspired Homes aim to create the best on-site solution for you and minimise site costs which can sometimes involve retaining walls.

Talk to us about the options on your property.


  • What is 6 star energy rating?

The Nationwide House Energy Rating (NatHER) is a Star Rating from 0 to 10 that measures how energy efficient a house is, based on its design. The rating applies to the building envelope: the roof, walls, floor and windows. Houses with higher energy ratings are more naturally comfortable in winter and summer, and therefore easier and cheaper to heat and cool.

All new homes need to comply with the Energy Efficiency provisions in the National Construction Code (NCC) which is currently at a standard of 6 star.

New homes are also required to include the installation of either a solar hot water system or a rainwater tank for toilet flushing.

A 6 Star energy efficiency rating takes into consideration the roof, walls, floor and windows and determines the thermal performance of a home.

Once the working drawings of a home are complete, an energy rating assessment can then take place. If the minimum 6 Star rating is not achieved, the assessor will look at ways that improvements can be made to achieve compliance whilst minimising additional costs involved. The cost of any upgrades will be charged for by way of variation.

  • Do you build on sloping land?

We always try to say yes before we say no!

Please ask, and we will conduct a free assessment of your land and advise whether we will be able to help and how.

  • Do you build on stumps?

No, we don’t build on stumps, but we can often create a better and more economical solution for you by looking at different strategies of building a home on a concrete slab such as split-levelling, deepened rebates, terracing your land with retaining walls.

Talk to us, and we’ll see how we can help!

  • What are developer approval guidelines?

Developer approval guidelines are set by the developer of an estate to ensure that the look of every home is in line with the estate vision. The main effects of the guidelines are the colours and materials used on the façade, and sometimes include energy efficient choices for your home.

Guidelines can vary significantly from development to development.

Your Inspired consultant can help you to understand the requirements in your estate if you are unsure.

  • What is a community infrastructure levy?

As a land owner, you may be required to pay a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) to the local council to support funding of the community facilities for the residents of your area.

These facilities include local preschools, maternal and child health centres, community halls/multipurpose buildings, and other recreation facilities.

Check with your local council to see what CIL you will need to pay.

The levy needs to be paid and a receipt provided to our builder before a building permit can be issued.

  • What is Bushfire Attack Level (BAL)?

A Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) is a means of measuring the severity of a building’s potential exposure to ember attack, radiant heat and direct flame contact. 

You can find out if your property is within a bushfire designated area by looking at the interactive map available online at

If your property is in a bushfire designated area, upgrades to construction will be required to a minimum level of the BAL 12.5, but the requirements may be greater depending on your proximity to fire risk.

  • Do you take care of town planning?

No, we do not handle town planning applications, however we will assist you by providing the required building plans for you to submit the application to council.

We recommend that you request a pre-application meeting with a representative of the planning department at council.

If you do not feel comfortable and confident in doing this yourself, it may be worth using the services of a Planning Consultant.

  • What is an easement?

An easement is a section of land registered on your property title which gives someone the right to use that land for a specific purpose, such as the council using it for access to stormwater. Permanent structures are not allowed to be built on or overhanging an easement without special permission.

  • How close to an easement can I build?

It is not allowable to excavate within (or place land fill over) an easement, therefore if your land is sloping you may need to install a retaining wall at the easement line or incorporate a deepened rebate in the construction of the wall abutting the easement.

It is also important to consider any assets that may project out of the easement – for example a “sewer tie”. If this is the case, it may require modification to (or relocation of) the asset to enable construction all the way up to the easement line. Additional costs involved are the Owner’s responsibility.

  • When can I sign my contract?

Our process and timeline varies depending on location, so please check with your Inspired consultant.

  • Can I have my rangehood ducted to outside?

Yes, please request this if you wish.

  • Can we arrange some of our own works?

We do have some flexibility with allowing you to do some of the work yourself, however there are limitations to this.

Please discuss with your Inspired consultant to see if what you are looking to achieve is possible.

  • I’m a tradie… Can I do my own trade work?

Generally this is allowable, so long as you have your own business with an ABN and all insurances.

Please speak to your Inspired consultant about this if you wish.

  • Do you allow swimming pools to be built during construction?

We can allow access for you to have your pool shell installed before we commence construction or after we’ve completed the initial earthworks.

You would then have to have a cover placed over the pool and temporary fencing around it in order to keep it and the workplace safe.

Please talk to us about this if you wish.

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